2nd Grade ideas gathered from End of Year Reports submitted by Adams 12 Teacher Librarians

Information Literacy and Library Skills

Library Orientation
  • Proper care of materials
  • Check out procedures
  • Identify books by title and author
  • Locate areas in library
    • Understand relationships between call number & author
    • Recognize and locate a non-fiction book based on its number
    • Find books based on author
  • Distinguish between fiction and non-fiction
  • Independently locate & select a book based on personal interest
  • How to use the catalog
Identify parts of a book
  • Cover
  • Spine
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Table of contents
Research skills
  • Begin to generate questions of topics of study
  • Begin to use dictionaries
  • Begin to use encyclopedias
  • Brainstorm content for research
  • Acquire information through reading
  • Use maps & globes as sources of information
  • Use a simple organizer to take notes
  • Understand the difference in borrowed and original information
Literature skills
  • Main idea
  • Sequence
  • Cause & effect
  • Character
  • Setting

Curricular ideas and topics from 2009-2010 End of Year Reports.
This list is NOT inclusive. Please know that in an effort to consolidate information and present this as quickly and efficiently as possible some names may have been left off. The hope is that interested teacher librarians will use this list as a starting point for ideas and contacts. We are more than willing to update it and repost it to this Wiki as needed.