I made this for Power Point presentation for teachers. Simple explanations based on Copyright Clarity book. Presentation should take 15-20 minutes and is a brief overview. ~Kim

Notes for a presentation you might do for your staff: Reinforce instructions with the video below.

New! Copyright page for all staff members on the IT-LS website: From Adams12 site, go to the STAFF tab, the EDUCATORS, then Instructional Tech and Library Services tab. See Copyright page.

NEW VIDEO!! Collaboration of Tricia Larue and Kim Ackerman. Sent to principals for use with staff. Please use it with staff and/or students to reinforce your instructions. Link goes to YouTube. 9 minutes.
Adams12 Copyright Training Video
For teachers and students: Checklist for Fair Use

Copyright - What's Legal? Parts 1 and 2 from The 8 Blog - short essay includes basics and links to sites in Public Domain

The 1st presentation we did for TLs - intro to Copyright Clarity & new ideas. ppt by Renee Hobbs.

A HUGE list of Copyright-free resources for everyone at this wikipedia link.

The 2nd presentation we did for TLs - longer and more in-depth than #1.