Questions and Answers about Destiny Circulation System

Destiny Information:

Remember that Destiny has a friendly help section and short how-to videos.
To contact Destiny's live Tech Help, have your school code ready and call 1-800-323-3397.
Destiny Overview regarding features for students and teachers
Destiny Overview Document
How to create and approve book reviews in Destiny
Book Reviews in Destiny
A reminder about Student Aide logins and Sub logins on Destiny

Logins for Destiny: all students and staff logins are their universal ids and universal passwords. Do not create passwords or it will override this set up.

No Fines for Staff Overdues

Remove Refund Due in Destiny after lost books is returned.

School Messenger

Run Overdue and Fine reports in Destiny to upload to School Messenger (auto-dialer)

How to upload Fines & Overdue reports to School Messenger.
*Note: School Msgr format has changed for 2012-13 so the screen shots on this document may not match up to the current version.

Annual Inventory - How-To set-up and finish Inventory - with screenshots

Create a report with barcodes to scan ebooks into inventory


Accounting* Block patron from checking out a book if they have an overdue book/fine already. These are the instructions to fix this.

Accounting* WAIVE a fee for a Lost item with no payment made - you can do this!

Set Up Homerooms

9/2011 Create HOMEROOMS. Instructions with screenshots by Jeri S.

One-page version to create HOMEROOMS, by Christine C.

NEW! Fastest Way to create HOMEROOMS: Print Overdue Period Teacher lists with barcodes. Thx Karen @ Stellar! Then scan those barcodes in to the Homeroom for a teacher.
Remember, "Overdue Period Teacher" field draws information from IC (2nd period for any student).

Inter-Library Loans

Report to see all ILLs you've sent.

Re: ILLs. There are a total of five tasks shared by the borrowing library and the lending library. See this How-To called Steps for Requesting and Returning ILLs.

This is why ILL's go from En Route/Receive to Return automatically - the setting for Ready Holds is currently at 5 days and needs to be changed to 10 days (or longer.)
To do this, go to Back Office, Library Policies, Patron Types (do this for all patron types), Edit patron type, change Ready Holds Expire In from 5 days to 10 days (or longer if you want).
How to request a single ILL with screen shots by Jeri S.

How to ship an ILL - sending library to requesting library with screen shots by Jeri S.

How to receive an ILL - requesting library with screen shots by Jeri S.

How to return an ILL - requesting library sends book back then shipping library checks it in with screen shots by Jeri S.

How to request ILLs for the same title and patron with screen shots by Jeri S.

Fines from other schools info.

Reports Help

Various Reports: End of Month stats Report, Overdue Report, List All Books Checked out to Students Report., and List all Books checked out to Staff Report.

*Circulation stats - 3 reports

*Circulation stats report - You can: Select information by date, View a summary or title and copy details, organize the information based on call number prefix, Dewey, or categor, Limit call number based reports by call number, circulation type and resource list. from Gigi McVey

Users With Checkouts Report

How-To: Library stats report, Collection stats report, and Collection status historical report.

*Collection Development - Number of Items added to the collection since a certain date Report

*Collection Development - where are the holes in your collection and what needs to be weeded? Document compiled by Mary Gelb. Use this in conjunction with your Mackin Collection Development Report - available in your Mackin account.

Beginning Of Year Procedures

Some things to do when school starts

End Of Year Procedures

Simple instructions: Set Ceiling Date for final due date

General Things to do at end of year & Destiny reports.

Where's your Lost Book? English & Spanish


How-To Enhance your Destiny Visual Search by Kim Wilson

Delete titles that are Lost (you don't have the book - it's gone) so they no longer show up in your collection - from Linda Spade

Step-by Step instructions for using Follett Remote when the internet is down.

Hand print on Form for Student Book Self-Check-Out from Indira D.

One way to place HOLDS for the same title with different patrons. Works great when placing holds for a list of patrons for the same title. Great for CCBA holds. With screen shots by Jeri S.

Add a Copy Instructions - pls do not add copies if you have not taken the class or if you are rushed for time. Send to Nancy Crochet for quick processing.

Don't forget to print some Quick Help sheets to have at OPACs (for students and staff) and your circ desk (for you) from the Destiny training site. Remember, the login for Destiny HELP page is not the same login as your user login for our Adams 12 Destiny catalog.

Note: Faculty barcodes are their universal ID# PLUS enough zeroes in front to = 8-digits. i.e. 00016352 ..