Adams 12 Ebook Resources:

Approved Ebook vendors include Mackin and Follett. You do not have to purchase software to use ebooks with either of these vendors. Our library software is a Follett product so all students and staff have access to this product, and MackinVia is a free add-on software. All buildings will have access to the few Library Grant titles purchased (see 2013-14 Library Grant Ebooks section below), many buildings are also starting to contribute to a district ebook collection (see District Ebook Shelves) but your building has to purchase the individual titles you are interested in. We also just received Unite for Literacy's 106 FREE primary level ebooks that are in 13 different language. Click on the library destiny link and search your school's site for "Unite for Literacy" titles using the Location "adams 12 five star school district". You will need to be logged into Destiny to access these.

Ask your Teacher Librarian or Digital Literacy teacher about log-in information for Follett and/or MackinVia. Here is a link to our district's library management system: click on and go to your school site.

You may read any purchased ebooks online, which only requires an internet connection. Or you may download free reader apps for either Follett or Mackin so you can download books for offline reading.
Follett Enlight Reader App (you have a Follett Shelf but will need to know your address, just ask your teacher librarian or digital literacy teacher)
MackinVia Apps

You may purchase other apps or databases with ebooks if they will reside outside of Destiny, such as Worldbook's ebook package, Myon Reader or Scholastic Storia.

Finally, through the generosity of Anythink libraries, we have free access to elementary and secondary ebooks through their Tumblebooks, Tumblebook Cloud, and Audiobook Cloud subscriptions. Click on this link and scroll to any of these 3 databases: Anythink databases.

If you have questions about any of this information, feel free to contact the District Library Services Coordinator, Caroline Hughes at

2013-14 Library Grant Ebooks:

A committee of Teacher Librarians and the District Library Coordinator worked to identify ebooks at grades 3-12 that supported Next Generation Science and Colorado Social Studies standards. These are available through the district's library management system linked above. They provide unlimited access for students and teachers in all buildings with a library, and offer an experience in a PARCC-like environment.

Here is a list of purchased titles: 2013-14 State Library Grant Titles

As part of the Library Grant purchases, 5 buildings received free subscriptions to Follett Classroom Connections software which allows teachers to push ebook title lists to students, track student reading and notetaking habits, and journal back and forth in individual ebook titles. Schools with this software include: Skyview Elementary, Hulstrom k-8, Rocky Top Middle, Shadow Ridge Middle, Silver Hills Middle and Legacy High.

District Ebook Shelves:

As of April, 2014 we have started district ebook shelves. What does this mean? It refers to us sharing ebooks across all sites or multiple sites. This only includes single-user access titles (which is primarily fiction, but many nonfiction are available in single-user access). Unlimited access titles can only be purchased for individual sites.

We will have district ebooks for both Follett and Mackin, how many we have will depend on how much buildings choose to contribute. With either vendor, district ebooks will live in your ebook collection just as they would if you purchased them for your site only, students and teachers do not need to go to an additional place, they are seamlessly integrated.

What do I have to do so my students have access to these district ebooks?

This process will work differently for the two vendors. We are still working on a process for Mackin and have not had anyone order from them yet, but more info to come soon.

Follett ebooks:

Each building will have to "unhide" the titles they would like their students to have access to, depending on the age appropriateness of the titles.

Unhiding titles for the whole school:
  • Log into Destiny with your administrator log-in
  • Click the Follett Shelf tab at the bottom of the Catalog tab
  • Click the gear wheel icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Then click maintenance on the left-hand side (see below), then click the "Hide title" tab on the right (circled below).
  • The titles with the green check-mark are the district ebook titles, you have to uncheck the "Hidden" box to make the titles available to your patrons. The library grant titles were unlimited access so these had to enter your system just like titles you would purchase only for your building so they do not have a green check.
  • The titles will become immediately available in your Follett Shelf. It takes up to 24 hours for the titles to appear on the Destiny side.
  • You can sort by "Date Added" in order to see if you have unhidden the titles most recently added to your collection.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.40.15 PM.png

Unhiding titles for groups of specific students:
  • With Follett ebooks, you will have the option to unhide books for specific grade levels of students, this may be important to you in a k-8 building or a middle level building where developmental stages vary widely as do book selections.
  • There is a fair amount of set up in the beginning, but ongoing maintenance is minimal.
  • First you will need to create patron types in your Destiny system that correspond to grade levels.
  • Then you will need to batch update these patrons into these types by graduation year.
  • Now you will need to log into the Follett Shelf Set Up and create different circulation types (such as 8th grade only titles), that you will later assign books to.
  • Then recreate your patron types in Follett Shelf, for each circulation type, determine what kind of access the patron should have. For example, a "Sixth Grade" patron type should have 0 days access to an "Eighth Grade Only" circulation type.
  • You will need to go through the process of unhiding all the titles (see above section "Unhiding titles for the whole school") that at least one patron type is going to have access to. Then you will go to each title in Follett Shelf and click on the "i", then "options" and determine which circulation type that title should be.
  • Contact Caroline Hughes, if you have questions and need support.

Mackin Ebooks:

YOU WILL HAVE TO SET UP INDIVIDUAL STUDENT BACKPACKS in order to use Mackin single-user titles.
Books purchased for the district shelf will appear in your MackinVia based on the publisher age recommendations. You can go into your "Manage Titles" and uncheck any books that appear in your school site that you do not want to have available. There is no way to control these titles for patron type.
If the publisher recommends:
  • k-2: the book will appear at all levels
  • 3-6: the book will appear at all levels
  • 8-12: the book will appear only at high school.

How can I contribute to the district ebook collection?

1. For the first step, you determine what you would like to purchase and put them in this spreadsheet, link here. Choose to either order from Follett or Mackin. The spreadsheet is to help avoid accidental duplication between the time you place the order and it arrives in the system.
2. All of the titles much be single-user access. Unlimited user titles can only be bought for individual buildings.
3. Fill out the spreadsheet:
  • There is a suggested grade level column, please base this on any reviews you saw and your professional judgment. TLs, DLs or clerks always have the option of not taking a book into their building but this should be a helpful reference.
  • There is a column that says "Content/Standards", totally optional to fill out but if you are purposely buying a book for something like 6th grade science, or want to get more specific for a unit, that's great information to share.
  • The "order name" column is so that we can make sure all of the books in a particular order came through the system. Whatever you used with the vendor for this order (PO number or order name).
4. Your order for district ebooks must be separate from books you are ordering just for your library. Please make a note someplace in the
order, such as the notes or special directions field that says THIS IS FOR THE ADAMS 12 DISTRICT EBOOK SHELF.
5. Send an email to Jennifer Fugita and myself that you placed the order and the name of the order (also list the order name in the spreadsheet).

Ebook FAQs:

Will District Ebooks show up in my circulation?

Yes, if your students check them out.

What if I purchased a copy of an ebook and there is also a district copy of the ebook, which is checked out first?

The copy your school owns will be checked out first, then the district copy if all your copies are in use.

What if someone places a hold on an ebook, how will s/he know if it is ready?

When the ebook is ready for him/her, they will receive a notice when they log into Destiny. The ebook is held for them for one week so they will have to log-in to Destiny at least once a week so they don't miss the message.

Can I see circulation numbers for a book I purchased to share with everyone through the district shelf?

You can ask Caroline to run a report at the district level that will show ebook circulation in every building and who checked out which titles. We could distill this down for you on an individual title.

When my students and staff search only my ebook collection in Destiny, will district ebooks show up?

Technically Follet and Mackin books bought BY YOUR COLLEAGUES need to be "unhidden" in your settings. If it is an ebook purchased at the district level (like the library grant ebooks, or from curriculum departments like literacy), then it will automatically show up.
Unite for Literacy ebooks will only show up under district-wide searches.

Follett Classroom Connections Overview and Set-up

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