Reading Motivation and Engagement

Please share your ideas to engage students in reading and related reading behaviors such as talking and writing about reading.

Here is a link to a document I put together that includes a summary of a chapter in the Handbook of Research on Student Engagement (Guthrie, John T., Allan Wigfield, and Wei You. "Instructional Contexts for Engagement and Achievement in Reading." Handbook of Research on Student Engagement. New York: Springer Science+Business Media, 2012. 601-34.), and related reading engagement research. The second part of the document is a quick article from the state library on the positive impact of access to resources and student choice on reading motivation.


(please add to this list and include pictures if you have them. You can also email me to post your information and pictures)
  • sharing digital book trailers
  • displaying books that are now movies (or soon to be)
  • displaying books based on reading data, for example: a desire to raise boys’ reading scores resulted in displaying books that are of high interest to boys
  • giving a permanent display space to lower lexile books, callling this section “Quick Reads”, rotating out new ones in this section
  • having teachers, librarians and students do a booktalk over the morning announcements (with dramatic voices too!), one school also provides free books that are booktalked through a student drawing
  • a “read box”, playing off of Redbox movies, that highlights books
  • displays that are focused on specific genres that are timely, for example: horror books around Halloween, etc.
  • Focusing on narrative nonfiction that is high-interest (survival stories, science related true stories)
  • bookclubs
  • QR codes on book covers that are linked to students’ booktalks. a display in the library with all of the QR codes
  • encouraging students that are leaders and from different social groups to write Destiny reviews...encouraging all students to rate and review books in Destiny
  • creating “Facebook thumbs up” graphics on card stock and giving these to students to put in books they read and liked (they stick up out of the top of the book like a bookmark). these are popular with students! facebooklike.jpg (576x1024).jpg