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Constitution Day in Sept.,
Bill of Rights
For Constitution Day in Sept., the 5th graders learned about the Bill of Rights. To make it more meaningful, we wrote our own Bill of Rights for Westview, realizing that with rights come responsibilities (so we don't infringe on others' rights). An example they come up with is that we have the right to a germ-free bathroom, and so that means we need to flush and wash our hands! I then pulled a small group of 5th graders and they took these rights and wrote a screenplay and we filmed it, using iMovie to edit. The finished movie is posted on our school website if you're interested: Nadine @ Westview

I read the "Scanimation" book Gallop to my 1st Graders supporting their Balance & Motion science unit. I used this web site to show off the book:
At the bottom of the page is a link to a demonstration of what the illustration page looks like:You actually drag the top piece of "acetate" across to show the motion, just like in the book. What's so cool about this page is that it is like being able to tear the structure of the page apart and look at the "guts" of the presentation.Pretty cool stuff! Scott Bartlett @ Stukey
Halloween reading idea
Just a little fun idea!
Each year on Halloween, we host a read in the dark day. I provide a little piece of candy and the kids read for 30 minutes using flashlight. The kids and teachers love it. I bought the flashlights at Walmart
-Karen Larsen at Cotton Creek.

Here is the link to the Xtranormal movie I created.
Dana Lott, Riverdale
glogster tech tips
We've collected some more tech tips to share with you, including using Infinite Campus to see CELA scores, free clipart websites and the new Teacher Resources section on Malley Library page. Click to see more:
Kristen Loesel
glogster resources to share
This issue of TIPS includes information on being a visionary teacher, WEB 2.0 index (very cool!), and resources you can share with parents.Enjoy :)
Laura Israelsen, Teacher Librarian, Hulstrom Options K-8
digital storytelling
We wrote memoirs about our favorite toy or stuffed animal. Students learned how to use the scanner, Photoshop, and digital camera. They imported these photos into PhotoStory and then recorded their memoir. Click on Sydnei's story to hear an example.

is published monthly to advocate our library program and entice collaboration.
parent newsletter
is published monthly to advocate our library program. We have found many volunteers this way, increased our book fair sales and gained the support of our ACT team

Thesaurus activity
I used this activity after spending a session or two with the third graders and the thesaurus. We talked about what the reference book is for and how to navigate it. Then, I took the kids in the lab to show them the thesaurus in Word. They seemed to enjoy the technology component and liked know that the resource is always there.
Dana Lott @ Riverdale

Turning Point Clicker Activity-Dictionary/ Glossary skills
I created this as a part of my piece in the school's accountability plan. I identified one skill that the cohort needed imporvement in (based on previous year's CSAP data we received from Michelle). I created a review/teaching activity based on that. Now, let's cross our fingers that we go up at least 6% in this area! :)
Dana Lott @ Riverdale

Collaborative Planning Template
For use with collaborative planning with teachers
Nadine @Westview

Student Assistant

Library Orientation Video
I made an iMovie, using my dog as the star, to use at my library orientations. It ended up being a great way to introduce library policies and procedures - the kids loved it! :P v=NjPd-1VK8M4
Library Newsletter for the Faculty Bathrooms
Too many emails...
Too much in your mailbox...Here is Library News for a captive audience...on the go.
I put this flyer in the 5 faculty bathrooms in a sheet protector. Each month I will only be printing 5 and I can slip the new one over the old one in each sheet protector. Everyone laughed at the pleasant surprise by the potty. Doesn't everyone like something to read there anyway? Plus, the principal will see it for sure!!!

Presidential Address Lesson Plan
Check it out!

Dewey Decimal Game
The kids really enjoyed playing this game - in fact, I've never seen students so engaged with the DDC!! They were able to apply some higher level thinking to learning the Dewey categories. Have students in teams, and give each team a game board, category "cheatsheet", and the Dewey game cards (cut apart). Students read a game card, and decide which category (using the cheatsheet) they would find a book which answers that research question. They put the game card on the game board.

Newsletter for everyone
This year I've decided to create the newsletter just once - for faculty and community. It goes into the parent newsletter that is published on our website and I email it to the teachers. I've made sure to check with each teacher who is mentioned in the collaboration list to assure that they are comfortable with what I've written.
Grade 4
Historically our 4th grade students have not performed well regarding inference. When we looked at the data we decided that it had to do with character analysis and with author's purpose. We decided to focus on this using short stories (we chose 10 picture books). We expect better results from giving the students multiple sessions beginning with demonstrations and whole group practice, then moving to small group practice before we ask them to infer character analysis and author's purpose independently.
The sessions are designed so that the students will have 3 small group practices, an individual assessment then 3 small group practices then an individual evaluation. Results data not yet collected.
The link to our planning document contains all the supporting materials we've developed for this project

Colorado characters
wax museum
Grade 4
Attached is a powerpoint I used to introduce the students to different Colorado characters from the 1800s. They then chose the person they wanted to research. Also attached is a link to the Prezi I made that shows pictures and videos from our wax museum.
Nadine @ Westview

Stuck with strange book requests?
Need to find a book with multiple topics?
Whenever I need to find something like that, I use Library Thing's tagmash function.
Library Thing has a feature to "tagmash" or separate with commas your search for books. I have a lot of success with finding titles this way when I need something specific. I also love Library Thing's reviews/book summaries.
Go to:
www.librarything.comSign in or just put a general search term into the search bar. After searching a general term like "bullying" in the left hand (pale pink) column, select TAGS. In the Tag search bar you can mash tags like:
bullying, fiction, young adult
self-esteem, fiction, children
The other day I needed: mean parent, humor, picture book
Everything on this site is organized by tags and tag clouds. The tag mash matches and pulls from various tags. If you do a tagmash, most of the search results are slow (3-5 minutes) if it is a tagmash no one has entered before. This slowness is normal as it compiles the titles for you. If it has been "tagmashed" before by someone the process is faster. It takes some patience and playing to mash the tages you need, but I love it.
You can save and store books as well. This is like the less pretty But I think Library Thing is a lot more practical as a teacher.