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Introduction to Voicethread.com - for secondary from Kim
Here is a link to a Legacy High School teacher's wikispace with student postings of their recent poet glogsters. They had to research a poet and then create a glogster that reflect the personality and theme of that poet. ~Natalie Schiele
Another Legacy teacher had her students create book trailers using Animoto for some of their choice reads. We're still working on the kids to really "sell" the book, but I was impressed with this first round. ~Natalie Schiele http://techtoolfortoday.wikispaces.com/SEPTEMBER-ANIMOTO

Northglenn High School

Northglenn High School October 2010 Newsletter.

Northglenn High School April Newsletter features an article by teacher, Cory Clawson on why he likes to collaborate with the Librarians.
Our may newsletter gives statistics for April and for the end of the year.

This is an example of my collaboration with common course 9th grade English classes. I created this page on google apps to provide one-stop-shopping for resources for To Kill A Mockingbird. ~Rita at Northglenn HS

This is a Photostory on evolution developed by one of our students at NGHS, Rita.

Weposters are an easy online tool; this one was made for an assignment on cults: http://poster.4teachers.org/view/poster.php?poster_id=355394.
All grade levels can use it. Rita

A good old fashioned Powerpoint on LMC services I created 2.5 years ago introducing the first ideas of 21st century learning linked to Big6 linked to LMC services;